Air Strike 12 Degree Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Race Winning Performance out of the box...

The Air Strike Cylinder Head is the latest technology for your SBC. The Air Strike 12° SBC head is for the standard bore spacing and features symmetrical ports, splayed valves and a stable rocker bar platform.

Made from the same Aerospace A356 Alloy and casting technology that the U.S. military relies on, the Air Strike Cylinder Head is on point.

Pro-Filer Air Strike 12 Degree SBC Heads
217 Series 12 Degree Air Strike SBC Heads
  • 12 Degree Valve Angle
  • 370cc Oval Intake Port
  • 44cc Heart Shaped Combustion Chamber
  • Up to 2.260 Intake & 1.600 Exhaust Valves
  • Accepts up to 1.650 O.D. Springs
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Pro-Filer Air Strike 12°
SBC Racing Cylinder Heads

Available with 2.230, 2.250 or 2.260 Intake Valves with Precision As Cast Ports and Chambers. Copper Alloy Seats Standard.

Series 217
Base Price (each):

Casting Style - Coolant Passages
Intake Port Size
Chamber Size
Valve Job
Assembly Options Available - Call for Details

Air Flow Chart

Note: Flow rates may vary for any number of circumstances due to valve job, valves, the flow bench used, test parameters, etc.

Air Flow Data Pending - Stay Tuned...

Air Strike 12 Degree SBC Racing Cylinder Heads

Material: Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Valve Angle: 12 Degree
Intake Port Volume and Shape: 370cc, Oval-Shaped, PRECISION As-Cast (NOTE: smaller port coming soon)
Combustion Chamber: Heart-Shaped, As-Cast 44cc
Valve Spring Pocket: Maximum of 1.650 (no deeper) Exhaust Valve: 1.600"
Intake Valve: 2.230"-2.260"
Deck Thickness: 1/2" deck
Spark Plugs: Uses Gasketed 3/4" Reach Plugs such as NGK R5671-7 Series
Valve Seats: Copper Alloy
Valve Guides: Manganese Bronze to assist in extending valve life
Milling: .0050 per cc flat milling
Engine Size Recommendation:420" & Larger
Application: High Performance Drag Racing
Note: This is a racing cylinder head

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