Sniper 24 Degree Big Block Chevy Racing Heads

Sniper X 24° CNC Machined
BBC Cylinder Heads

Starting at
$1699.00 Each


  • 100% CNC Ported for Mega Flow
  • 24 Degree OEM X275 Class Accepted Valve Angle
  • 119cc Heart Shaped Combustion Chamber
  • Up to 2.350 Intake & 1.850 Exhaust Valves
  • Works with Standard BBC Pistons

The Sniper X cylinder head is the latest BBC head offered in the Sniper Series. Designed with the most up to date technology available, the Sniper X head flows over 460cfm on a 375cc runner and over 325cfm on the exhaust! We started with the most sound casting available and then spent months developing the best port and chamber for a 24° head.

All heads are 100% CNC ported including the chamber and features a 5 angle valve job with .350" longer intake valves and .100" longer exhaust valves. The Sniper X uses standard BBC parts including available Jesel and T&D shaft rockers or you can use standard stud mounted rockers. As an added bonus, the Sniper X maintains standard BBC valve centerlines so it works with regular BBC pistons.

When your ready to put your 565 cid or larger BBC up against the world, the Sniper X head is for you.

Sniper Big Block Chevy Heads by Pro-Filer

Series P/N: 174X Sniper X Configuration Options

Intake Port Size
Casting Style
Valve Seats
Note: Copper Allow Seats recommended for TI Valves
Valve JOB Size
Note: 2.350/1.850 only available on 375cc Runner Head
Intake & Exhaust Valves
2.350/1.850 Only available on 370cc Runner Heads
Valve Springs
Includes Springs, Steel Retainers and Locks

The Pro-Filer Sniper X is a fully CNC machined head for maximum performance, it includes 119cc CNC Chambers and 11/32 Valve Guides.

Options include your choice of 355cc or 375cc CNC Intake Runners, Steel or Copper Alloy Valves Seats and 2.300/1.850 or 2.350/1.85 Stainless or Titanium Valves. We also offer a option Valve Springs in 1.650 Solid Roller Models.

Starting at
$1699.00 Each



Series P/N: 174X BBC Sniper X Head Specifications

Material:Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Valve Angle: 24° valve angle to provide you with bolt on compatibility
Intake Port Volume & Shape: Rectangle-Shaped, Fully CNC Machined 355cc or 375cc
Intake Port Flow: 355cc = 430cfm @.800 lift, 375cc = 481 cfm @1.000
Combustion Chamber: CNC - 119cc (Milled 105cc) New design to promote wet-flow and efficiency!
Milling:Angle - .0070" per cc Flat - .0050" per cc
Valve Spring Pocket:Maximum of 1.625" (no deeper)
Bore Spacing: Standard BBC 4.840"
Intake ManifoldAll conventional manifolds will bolt right up (Some port matching may be required)
Pistons Standard BBC Pistons
Head Bolts/StudsRequires 1" longer than stock head/bolt or stud next to exhaust ports
Valve Diameter Intake - (355cc) 2.300" (375cc) 2.350", Exhaust - 1.800"-1.850"
Valve Length:Intake +.350 long, Exhaust +.100 long
Deck Thickness:1/2"
Valve Guides:Manganese Bronze to assist in extending valve life .502" OD
Valve Seats: Steel (standard) or Copper Alloy
Valve Train: Uses Stock or Most Aftermarket Rocker Systems (shaft mount recommended)
Spark Plugs:Revised location to improve flame travel. Machined for a gasketed 3/4" reach plug NGK R5671A-7 or colder
Head Bolts: Requires 1" longer head bolt next to exhaust ports
Accessories: Heads drilled and taped for standard accessories (alternator mount holes)
Engine Size:355cc - 502cid + /8500 rpm, 375cc - 540cid + /8500rpm
Application: High Performance (i.e. strip / marine)

174X Parts and Accessories

Intake Manifold:Pro-Filer Sniper Jr. Single Plane, Sniper Single Plane or Sniper Tunnel Ram
Intake Gasket: Call
Valve Cover Gasket: Stock BBC Fel-Pro 1635
Exhaust Gasket: Std BBC (match to header size)
4.375 Bore Head Gaskets: Cometic C5329-XXX (xxx = thickness)
4.54 Bore Head Gaskets: Cometic C5330-XXX (xxx = thickness) or Fel-Pro 1017
4.63 Bore Head Gaskets:Cometic C5331-XXX (xxx = thickness) or Fel-Pro 1057
Valve Covers:Standard BBC Bolt Pattern Pro-Filer PN 191
Rockers:Standard BBC or shaft rockers (T & D and Jesel both have kits)
Pistons: Most 24 Degree Aftermarket
Valve Springs:Up to 1.625" Dia
Valve Spring Installed Height:Determined by Valve Height When Ordered

Air Flow Detail #174X BBC Sniper CNC Head - 375cc Runner

Pro Filer Sniper CNC Big Block Chevy Heads with 375cc Intake Runner, 2.350" Intake Valve and 1.850" exhaust valve. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. Flow measured at 28" of depression.

Air Flow Detail #174X BBC CNC Sniper 375cc Runner

LiftIntake CFMExh CFM% Exh/Int
0.200 153 128 84%
0.300 239 170 71%
0.400 300 205 68%
0.500 365 238 65%
0.600 410 298 73%
0.700 445 314 71%
0.800 460 325 71%

Air Flow Chart #174X - 375cc Runner

PN174X BBC CNC Sniper 375cc Runner Air Flow Chart

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