Sniper BBC Products by Pro-Filer

Pro-Filer's, SNIPER, Big Block Chevy product line is designed with powerful, out-of-the-box concepts. The Sniper series consists of all our 24 degree, conventional port BBC products which include intake manifolds, cylinder heads and cast valve covers.

For a combination that is unbeatable, pair the SNIPER Cylinder Head with a SNIPER Manifold and watch your competition be blown away!

Sniper BBC Intake Manifolds

The SNIPER BBC Intake Manifold Series is designed with the perfect runner to plenum volume to maximize the power and acceleration curves of your conventional port engine.

The SNIPER Series features cast nitrous injection bosses (will need drilled and tapped), 4500 series carburetor flange, four corner water bosses and your choice of oval or rectangle port opening.

Important -
  • For optimum performance, Sniper & Sniper Jr. Intake Manifolds should be port matched to the heads you're bolting them to.

Sniper BBC Cylinder Heads

The SNIPER BBC Cylinder Head Series is a powerful, out-of-the-box, 24 degree conventional port cylinder head product line.  Featuring high velocity, PRECISION As-Cast ports and optional CNC or AS-Cast Chambers The Sniper line can make some serious HP.

Available in 3 intake port options (290cc, 320cc 370cc) the Pro-Filer Sniper Series BBC heads have proven over and over again that performance and power are the heart and soul of our product.

    Sniper X and XL BBC Cylinder Heads

    The SNIPER X and XL BBC Cylinder Head Series is the latest conventional port BBC heads offered in the Sniper product line.


    • All heads are 100% CNC ported including the chamber.
    • Features a 5 angle valve job with .350" longer intake valves and .100" longer exhaust valves.
    • Uses standard BBC parts including available Jesel and T&D shaft rockers or you can use standard stud mounted rockers.
    • The Sniper X maintains standard BBC valve centerlines so it works with regular BBC pistons.



      Updated flat bar valve train for a one piece rocker bar with 12 bolts to provide stability at higher RPMs.
    • All heads are 100% CNC ported including the chamber
    • 2.400 / 1.850 50 Degree 5 Angle High Performance Valve Job Included
    • Features a 5 angle valve job with .350" longer intake valves and .100" longer exhaust valves.


    SNIPER Collection