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Pro-Filer Performance

Sniper Big Block Chevy Single Plane Intake Manifold including Sniper JR

Sniper Big Block Chevy Single Plane Intake Manifold including Sniper JR

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General Description

The SNIPER BBC Intake Manifold Series is designed with the perfect runner to plenum volume to maximize the power and acceleration curves of your engine.


  • Sniper Jr. Single Plane - 468cid-565cid, Sniper Single Plane - 565cid +
  • 1" Cast Spacer
  • Cast Bosses for Injectors
  • Optimized Cross Sectional Area
  • Runners are Precision Cast
  • Available for 9.8" or 10.2" Deck Heights
  • Available in different port openings for better out-of-the-box performance


Important - For optimum performance, Sniper & Sniper Jr. Intake Manifolds should be port matched to the heads you're bolting them to. 

Material:Aerospace Specification, Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Deck Height :9.8" Short Deck or 10.2" Tall Deck
Overall Height:(9.8 version) - 7.4" , (10.2 version) - 7.57" China Rail to Carb Flange
Runner Location :Fits majority of BBC Stockport Cylinder Heads - Regardless of Valve Angle
Port Configuration:"Oval" - Machined to fit Pro-Filer Oval Port Heads
"RP" - Machined Opening to fit Pro-Filer Sniper X Heads (Rectangle Port)
"R" - Small Port Opening, must be port matched to fit
"D" - Machined Opening to fit Dart 335cc and other heads with a similar port locations & openings. The "D" option based on a different manufacturer's specifications which may change without notice to us.
Note: For maximum performance you need to perform finish work for a smooth transition to the head's port opening.
Engine Size Recommendation:Sniper Jr. Single Plane - 468 cid - 565 cid, Sniper Single Plane 
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