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Sniper X 24° CNC Machined BBC Cylinder Heads, 375cc, Valve Jobbed, Each

Sniper X 24° CNC Machined BBC Cylinder Heads, 375cc, Valve Jobbed, Each

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General Description

Sniper X 24° CNC Machined BBC Cylinder Heads deliver maximum power and performance. Precision-crafted with 100% CNC-ported mega flow intake and exhaust ports, heart shaped chambers the Sniper X demonstrates greatness.


  • Conventional Port Location, 100% CNC
  • 119cc Heart Shaped Combustion Chamber
  • 5 angle valve job, 50 degree
  • 375cc recommended for 565cid / 8500 rpm
  • Up to 2.350 Intake & 1.850 Exhaust Valves


Material:Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Valve Angle:24° valve angle to provide you with bolt on compatibility
Intake Port Volume & Shape:Rectangle-Shaped, Fully CNC Machined 355cc or 375cc
Intake Port Flow:375cc = 481 cfm @1.000
Combustion Chamber:CNC - 119cc (Milled 105cc) New design to promote wet-flow and efficiency!
Milling:Angle - .0070" per cc Flat - .0050" per cc
Valve Spring Pocket:Maximum of 1.650" (no deeper)
Bore Spacing:Standard BBC 4.840"
Intake ManifoldAll conventional manifolds will bolt right up (Some port matching may be required)
PistonsStandard BBC Pistons
Head Bolts/StudsRequires 1" longer than stock head/bolt or stud next to exhaust ports
Valve DiameterIntake - 2.350", Exhaust - 1.850"
Valve Length:Intake +.350 long, Exhaust +.100 long
Deck Thickness:1/2"
Valve Guides:Manganese Bronze to assist in extending valve life .502" OD
Valve Seats:Steel (standard) or Copper Alloy
Valve Train:Uses Stock or Most Aftermarket Rocker Systems (shaft mount recommended)
Spark Plugs:Revised location to improve flame travel. Machined for a gasketed 3/4" reach plug NGK R5671A-7 or colder
Head Bolts:Requires 1" longer head bolt next to exhaust ports
Accessories:Heads drilled and taped for standard accessories (alternator mount holes)


Flow Numbers

Pro Filer Sniper CNC Big Block Chevy Heads with 375cc Intake Runner, 2.350" Intake Valve and 1.850" exhaust valve. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. Flow measured at 28" of depression.

Air Flow Detail #174X BBC CNC Sniper 375cc Runner

LiftIntake CFMExh CFM% Exh/Int


Air Flow Chart #174X - 375cc Runner

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