Pro Filer C Style Big Block Ford Racing Heads

C Style Big Block Ford Cylinder Heads

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$CALL.00 Each


  • Accepts up to 1.650 O.D. Springs
  • Bronze valve guides reduce stem wear
  • Available with or without water jackets
  • 420cc Oval Pro Stock Intake Port Design flows 524 cfm!
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Pro-Filer has taken Big Block Fords to a new, power-producing, high. The Pro-Filer C replacement cylinder head features an amazing Pro Stock style intake port that is an oval design and flows over 520 cfm! And since we know you love high RPM, the 'C' replacement has a rigid rocker stand area to provide better stability.

So whether you are at the strip or hooked to a sled your Blue Oval will be putting those ole' bowties on the trailer.

When looking for an intake manifold we suggest using a custom sheet metal intake or a Ford Motorsports Intake.

Series P/N: 205 C Style Ford Head Configuration Options

Casting Style
Valve Guide Size
Valve JOB Size

Assembly Options
Add Valves, Valve Springs, Retainers & Locks

Includes 420cc intake ports, 54cc as cast chambers and copper seats. Available with optional valve guide sizes, valve job, and stainless valves with dual springs.

Starting at
$CALL.00 Each



Series P/N: 205 C Style Big Block Ford Head Specifications

Material: Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Valve Angle: Standard Stock C Style
Bore Spacing: 4.900 (standard big block)
Intake Port Volume & Shape: Oval-Shaped, PRECISION As-Cast 420cc
Intake Port Location: Raised .200" from stock location
Intake Port Flow: 524 cfm@ .900 with 2.450 valve
Combustion Chamber:Heart-Shaped As-Cast - 54cc
Milling: .005 per cc flat milling, .007 per cc angle milling
Exhaust Port Location: Raised .200" from stock location
Valve Diameter: Intake - 2.450"-2.480", Exhaust - 1.800"-1.850"
Valve Length: Intake - 6.400" long (2.100 install) , Exhaust - 6.300" long (2.100 Install)
Deck Thickness: 1/2" Deck for Nitrous or Blown Applications
Spark Plugs: Revised location to improve flame travel. Use .750" Reach, Gasketed (NGK R5671A-7 or colder)
Rocker System: Improved Solid Rocker Bar for added stability. Majority of aftermarket, (i.e. T&D and Jesel)
Valve Guides: Manganese Bronze to assist in extending valve life
Valve Spring Pocket: 1.650 OD Maxiumum (no deeper)
Valve Seats: Copper Alloy (standard)
Engine Size: 4.60 bore size and larger
Application: High Performance (i.e. street/strip/marine)

Parts and Accessories

Intake Manifold: Fabricated Sheet Metal
Intake Gaskets: Use Fel-Pro Blank (cut-out)
Valve Covers: Sheet Metal Fabricated
Pistons: Custom
Rocker Systems: Jesel or T&D
Head Bolts / Studs: ARP
Bore Size:Optimized for 4.600 Bore or Larger (no less than 4.550 bore)
Rocker Systems: Shaft Mounted: Jesel or T&D (both available from Pro-Filer)
Valves:VICTORY Valves - Titanium or Stainless Steel (11/32 or 5/16 Valve Stem)
*Call our Tech Department for additional recommendations

Air Flow Detail #205 BBF C Style Head - 420cc Runner

Pro Filer C Style Big Block Ford Heads with 420cc Intake Runner, 2.450" Intake Valve and 1.850" exhaust valve. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. Flow measured at 28" of depression.

Air Flow Detail #205 420cc Runner

LiftIntake CFMExh CFM% Exh/Int
0.200 171 135 79%
0.300 255 180 71%
0.400 333 218 65%
0.500 396 262 66%
0.600 483 308 64%
0.700 511 322 63%
0.800 524 329 63%
0.900 525 334 64%

Air Flow Chart #205 - 420cc Runner

PN205 BBF C Style 420cc Runner Air Flow Chart

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