All American Small Block Ford Racing Heads

All American Small Block Ford Cylinder Heads

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  • 20 Degree (OEM) Valve Angle
  • 205cc Rectangle Shaped, PRECISION As Cast Intake Ports
  • 63cc CNC Machined Chamber
  • 2.05 Intake & 1.60 Exhaust Valve Diameter
  • .750" Raised Exhaust Port
  • Made in the U.S.A. from Pro-Filer's unique A356 alloy

The All-American SBF head was designed to win with state-of-the-art port and chamber technology. We have added our solid rocker boss and revised valve location for a very stable valve train. We then spent extensive time wet flow testing the combustion chamber to get the exact shape needed and a better spark plug location.

This All-American features a 205cc Intake Runner and a 63cc CNC profiled combustion chamber. We complete this powerful SBF with our 5 angle performance valve job and bowl blend.

The All-American SBF cylinder has the air speed for top speed!

All American Series by Pro-Filer

Series P/N: 222 Configuration Options

Valve JOB Size

Heads include 205cc Runners, 63cc CNC Chambers, Steel Valve Seats and Angle Spark Plugs. Optional 2.05/1.60 Valve Job is available.

Note: This is a bare head. (it does not include valves, springs, retainers, etc.).

Assembly options available upon request.

Starting at
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Series P/N: 222 All American Small Block Ford Cylinder Head Specifications

Material:Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Valve Angle: OEM 20 Degree compatible with stock accessories
Intake Port Volume & Shape: 205cc Rectangle Shaped, PRECISION As Cast
Exhaust Port Location:Raised .750"
Combustion Chamber: Heart-Shaped, CNC Ported 63cc
Spring Pocket:Maximum of 1.650 (no deeper)
Valve Diameter: Intake: 2.050" Exhaust: 1.600"
Valve Length:Intake: 5.350" (1.900" Install), Exhaust: Stock 5.350" (1.900" Install)
Valve Covers: Std rail bolt
Valve Guides:Manganese Bronze to assist in extending valve life
Deck Thickness:1/2"
Milling: .0070" per cc, Flat - .0050 per cc
Rocker System::Improved Solid Rocker Bar for added stability. May use standard or majority of aftermarket
Spark Plugs:Revised location to improve flame travel. .750 Reach, Gasketed (NGK R5671A-7 or colder)
Valve Seats: Steel
Valve Length: Intake & Exhaust 5.350" (1.900" Install)
Engine Size:205cc ‐ 347 cid and larger / 7000 rpm
Intake Valve Diameter:2.05"
Exhaust Valve Diameter:1.60"
Exhaust Port Location:Raised .750"
Bore Spacing: Standard
Application: High Performance High Performance (i.e. Street / Strip / Marine)

Air Flow Detail #222 All American SBF Head - 205cc Runner

Pro Filer All American Small Block Ford Heads with 205cc Intake Runner, 2.05" Intake Valve and 1.60" exhaust valve. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. Flow measured at 28" of depression.

Air Flow Detail #222 - 205cc Runner

LiftIntake CFMExh CFM% Exh/Int
0.200 140 107 76%
0.300 215 151 70%
0.400 268 185 69%
0.500 285 203 71%
0.600 308 215 70%
0.700 314 219 70%
0.800 320 224 70%

Air Flow Chart #222 - 205cc Runner

PN222 SBF 205cc Runner Air Flow Chart

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