Sniper XL CNC 24 Degree Big Block Chevy Racing Heads

Sniper XL 24° CNC Machined
BBC Cylinder Heads

Starting at
$2395.00 Each


  • 100% CNC Ported 430cc Intake Runners for Godzilla Flow
  • 24 Degree X275 Class Accepted Valve Angle
  • 119cc Heart Shaped Combustion Chamber
  • Up to 2.400 Intake & 1.850 Exhaust Valves

The Sniper XL 24 degree cylinder head is the latest in our series of conventional heads providing a powerhouse 500+ cfm with a CNC 430cc intake runner combined with a 2.400" intake valve while maintaining a conventional layout.

Stability worries? No problem!

The XL has an updated flat bar valve train for a one piece rocker bar with 12 bolts to provide stability at higher RPMs.

The Sniper XL goes above and beyond having the ability to produce 1200HP!

Sniper XL Big Block Chevy Heads by Pro-Filer

Series P/N: 224-XL Sniper XL Configuration Options

Casting Style
Valve Seat Material
Note: Copper Alloy needed for Titanium Valves
Assembly Options
Add Valves, Valves Springs, Retainers and Locks
The Bad Boys - Pro-Filer Sniper XL 24° BBC CNC Ported Racing Cylinder Heads.
  • Huge CNC 430 cc Intake Ports.
  • 119cc CNC Chambers
  • 11/32 Valve Guides
  • Copper Alloy Seats Included
  • 2.400 / 1.850 50 Degree 5 Angle High Performance Valve Job Included.
  • Optional Titanium Valves, TI Retrainers, 1.650 Dual Roller Springs and Keepers Assembled.
  • X275 Legal and Contingency
Starting at
$2395.00 Each



Series P/N: 174X BBC Sniper X Head Specifications

Material:Aerospace Specification, A356 Aluminum Alloy (Primary Virgin Ingot)
Valve Angle: 24°
Intake Port Volume & Shape: Rectangle-Shaped, Fully CNC 430cc
Intake Port Flow: 490cfm @ .800 lift
Combustion Chamber: CNC - 119cc (Milled 105cc) New design to promote wet-flow and efficiency!
Milling:Angle - .0070" per cc Flat - .0050" per cc
Valve Spring Pocket:Maximum of 1.625" (no deeper)
Bore Spacing: Standard BBC 4.840"
Intake ManifoldAll conventional manifolds will bolt right up (Some port matching may be required)
Pistons Diamond and Gibtec have both made pistons for these heads from molds.
Head Studs10 of the upper studs are critical length due to Jesel rocker stand clearance. Stud Length from deck to top of stud for those are (4) 4.080 and (6) 4.310. Stud Hole Depth from Deck to washer surface is (4) 1.500, (2) 3.000, (1) 3.500, (5) 3.875 and (4) 4.450
Valve Diameter Intake - 2.400", Exhaust - 1.850"
Valve Length:Intake - 6.120", Exhaust - 6.010"
Deck Thickness:1/2"
Valve Guides:Manganese Bronze to assist in extending valve life .502" OD. Uses LS style valve seals.
Valve Seats: Copper Alloy
Valve Train:Flat bar valve train for a one piece rocker bar with 12 bolts
Spark Plugs:Revised location to improve flame travel. Machined for a gasketed 3/4" reach plug NGK R5671A-7 or colder
Valve Covers:Requires Tube Style on Intake Side for Rocker Clearance on Fabricated Covers, Cast Covers Should Clear.
Engine Size:582 + cid / up to 9,500 rpm
Application: High Performance (i.e. strip / marine)

224XL Parts and Accessories

Intake Manifold:Sniper Single Plane or Sniper Tunnel Ram
Intake Gasket:Mr. Gasket 5817 is close but may require slight trimming.
Valve Cover Gasket: Stock BBC Fel-Pro 1635
Exhaust Gasket: Std BBC (match to header size)
4.375 Bore Head Gaskets: Cometic C5329-XXX (xxx = thickness)
4.54 Bore Head Gaskets: Cometic C5330-XXX (xxx = thickness) or Fel-Pro 1017
4.63 Bore Head Gaskets:Cometic C5331-XXX (xxx = thickness) or Fel-Pro 1057
Valve Covers:Standard BBC Bolt Pattern Pro-Filer PN 191
Rockers:12 Bolt Flat Bar Shaft rockers (T & D and Jesel)
Pistons: CALL
Valve Springs:Up to 1.625" Dia
Valve Spring Installed Height:Determined by Valve Height When Ordered

Air Flow Detail #224XL BBC Sniper CNC Head - 430cc Runner

Pro Filer Sniper XL CNC Big Block Chevy Heads with 430cc Intake Runner, 2.400" Intake Valve and 1.850" exhaust valve. Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. Flow measured at 28" of depression.

Air Flow Detail #224XL BBC CNC Sniper 430cc Runner

LiftIntake CFMExh CFM% Exh/Int
0.200 165 128 78%
0.300 250 170 68%
0.400 321 205 64%
0.500 382 238 62%
0.600 434 298 69%
0.700 466 314 67%
0.800 490 325 66%
0.900 502 N/A N/A
1.000 514 N/A N/A

Air Flow Chart #224XL CNC - 430cc Runner

PN224XL BBC CNC Sniper 430cc Runner Air Flow Chart

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