Hitman Series


12° Spread Port Big Block Chevy Intake Manifolds, Heads and Valve Covers.

Hitman BBC Intake
Hitman Intake Manifold

The Pro-Filer Spread Port HITMAN intake manifolds deliver massive HP.

Hitman Tunnel Ram BBC Intake
Hitman Tunnel Ram

The HITMAN Tunnel Ram offers a choice of dual or single carb top plate.

Hitman BBC Cylinder Heads
Hitman 12° Cylinder Heads

The Hitman BBC 12° Spread Port Head offers massive flow "as cast" without porting.

Hitman X CNC BBC Cylinder Heads
Hitman X 12° CNC Cylinder Heads

Fully CNC Ported 490cc Intake Ports with up to 74cc CNC Chambers.

Hitman X CNC BBC Cylinder Heads
Spreadport BBC Valve Covers

Fits Hitman and other Big Block Chevy Spreadport Heads

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