Sniper Series


X275 Class Legal Conventional Port Big Block Chevy Intake Manifolds, Heads and Valve Covers.

Sniper BBC Intake
Sniper Intake Manifold

One of the baddest single four intake manifolds you can buy, right out of the box! X275 Class Legal.

Sniper Jr BBC Intake
Sniper Jr. Intake Manifold

Same basic casting as it's big brother, but with smaller ports for 540 cubic inch engines and smaller.

Sniper Tunnel Ram BBC Intake
Sniper Tunnel Ram

The performance of a hand fabricated sheet metal Tunnel Ram, but in a Casting! Single and Dual Four Tops Available.

Sniper BBC Cylinder Heads
Sniper Cylinder Heads

Powerful as cast, bolt on big block performance.

Sniper X CNC Ported BBC Cylinder Heads
Sniper X CNC Cylinder Heads

100% CNC Ported Ports and Chambers for Maximum Flow - this is one bad cylinder head!

Sniper XL CNC Ported BBC Cylinder Heads
Sniper XL CNC Cylinder Heads

Huge 450cc 100% CNC Ported Intake Ports and Chambers for Record Setting Performance out of your Big Block Chevy!

Sniper X CNC Ported BBC Cylinder Heads
Cast BBC Valve Covers

Cast Aluminum for Maximum Vacuum possible - No Deflection or sealing issues.

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